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AVAILABILITY - Items cataloged herein will be reserved on paid orders for fall shipment.  The plants will be reserved on orders when paid until the availability is exhausted.

PLANT QUALITY - what can you expect to receive when you get peonies from us? The quick answer is "Jumbo Size".  Our divisions are prepared to meet the industry Number One grade three to five "eyes" (the common name for matured shoot buds). But there is more.  We intend to send out enough food-storage root volume per "eye" to support first year growth all the way to a flower. Inasmuch as we make our divisions from matured plants, flower bud initials are already established. While this does not assure the flower develops at your site, it is made possible. Your new plants must also get new roots in sufficient contact with evenly moist soil to support favorable shoot growth. Caution do not expect first year flowers to be typical in size or quantity of petals.  But expect them to show color and form consistent with our printed descriptions for the cultivar.  If you suspect an error make a color photo and get back to us right away. 

We GUARANTEE the plants to be satisfactory upon arrival (please report promptly) and true to name when flowered. We DO NOT assure the plants will live and grow well for you, that outcome depends too much upon circumstances beyond our control. However, if you lose a plant in the first year, do let us know. We will work with you to diagnose causes and possible replacement. 

PAYMENT MUST BE IN US DOLLARS - Firm commitment of plants is on paid orders.  Please pay with your order or upon the confirmation invoice, we do not regularly send out billing statements.  Bank transfer service charges to be paid by purchaser.  Personal checks are welcomed - upon timely orders there is plenty of time for your personal check to clear. Credit card transactions appear on your statement as 'PAYPAL*BULB TRADING CO' or 'PAYPAL*BULBTRADING'. If you pay with PayPal our merchant name will be Bulb Trading Company.


DOMESTIC ORDERS -- For retail shipments to destinations in the contiguous 48 states, we continue our flat fee policy of charging $15.00 per order toward packaging and carrier charges. Our current regular domestic carrier is USPS Priority Mail. 

ALASKA shipments will go by Priority Mail unless otherwise requested. Alaska carrier charges will be assessed to purchaser at estimated cost. 

CANADA shipments will go by the best way we can determine - usually USPS Priority Mail.  Canada Flat Rate Shipping Charge & Phytosanitary Certificate is $45.00.  In accordance with destination country requirements, all export orders for plants require United States Department of Agriculture Certificate of Phytosanitary Inspection

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS - All international orders (excluding Canada) must have a minimum root total of $1000.00 USD.  Orders that do not meet that minimum will be rejected.  A flat fee of $350.00 USD is charged to cover Phytosanitary Inspection and shipping costs.  If it costs more to ship to your destination then additional charges will be billed and payment will be required for the customer to remain in good standing. If it costs less to ship to your location we will issue a refund or credit.  Our agent for international order is DB Schenker worldwide. 

For our customers in the Russian Federation: We regularly export to Russia and have two agents in Moscow, who are happy to assist you. Please send us e-mail for more information. Для наших клиентов в Российской Федерации: Мы регулярно экспорт в Россию и имеют двух агентов в Москве, которые рады помочь Вам. Пожалуйста, пришлите нам на e-mail для получения дополнительной информации.

Payment of international orders via PayPal or credit card is preferred.