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Best Landscaper® 'Bartzella'
Originator: (Anderson, 1986)
Group: Itoh Hybrid
Bloom period: Late
Bloom week: 6
Flower form: Semi-double
Height: Medium
USDA zone: 3 to 8
Item number: 2934


Semi-double, on mature well grown plants double flower form possible; large, petals lemon-yellow with small red flares near base, surround cluster of greenish carpels in the center. Stamen filaments usually visible. Fragrant. Excellent habit, robust, prolific increase, bush of medium to tall height. Fast grower, rapidly making a large bush. Healthy foliage, dark green, deeply cut, remains attractive throughout the growing season into fall. Leaves reminiscent of tree peony ancestry. Makes an excellent presentation in the garden.

Awards, Best Use & Distinctions
Best Landscaper
®; Best Fragrant®; Gold Medal 2006; Award of Landscape Merit 2009; Best in Show 2002; general garden and landscape use; perennial border.

Intersectional hybrid [Itoh hybrid]. Parentage: white P. lactiflora double x Reath hybrid tree. Presumed infertile; no seed, no pollen.

Presumed near infertility: "The Itoh Hybrids have for long been known to be highly infertile. Recently, chromosome count findings show they are triploids, reason enough for the observations. Any seeds from Itohs pollination by either triploids or tetraploids are expected to include a share of tetraploids, possibly fertile. Suggestion: pollinate by one or another of their parental Lutea Hybrids or a mix thereof. Expect rare success, requires patience, but persistence is how we got the present generation of Itohs." (Don Hollingsworth, 2021)

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