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Peonies are the ultimate blend of toughness and beauty, the perfect perennial and an ideal gift.





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Hollingsworth Peonies (New Farm) – Production

The new farm is located about 15 miles northwest of Maryville, situated in the rolling hills of northwest Missouri on 220th Street (gravel road). The drive from the old farm to the production facility is about 20 minutes via US 71 north to Highway AB. For a more scenic drive from Maryville take Highway 46 west to Highway AB. While our mail route and zip code is that of Skidmore, the farm is actually located 4 miles southeast of Burlington Junction. Potted peonies and customer service are available at the production facility (New Farm).

Hollingsworth Peonies Farm
18411 220th Street
Skidmore, MO 64487

Some GPS devices will try to take you on a no maintenance dirt road – Empire Rd. We suggest not taking this road since it is treacherous especially after rain and you may get stuck.

Business Hours - During Bloom Season
Monday through Friday                      8:00AM – 5:00PM CST
Saturday                                              10:00AM – 5:00PM CST
Sunday                                                 11:00AM – 3:00PM CST 

Hollingsworth Peonies (Old Farm)

There are still lots of peonies to be admired at the old farm which is located right outside of Maryville about three miles southeast of town on 290th Street. The Farm can be reached via US 136 Highway and Jet Road (gravel road) for those approaching the area from the East.

Approaching from north or south by US Highway 71, turn east at 282th south edge of Maryville at the traffic light, then follow the road to Jade Rd and turn right. About a mile down on Jade Rd turn left onto 290th Street and look out for the large white barn on the left of the road.

28747 290th Street
Maryville, MO 64468

The peony plots are open to visitors during daylight hours seven days a week during flowering. Tours are self guided.

The telephone number is (302) 635-0140. This is a busy time at the farm so leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible. If the question can wait then email it to nursery@hpeonies.com.


Our plants are in open field conditions, exposed to full sun and wind, if it is a hot day, the flowers are at their best during the forenoon. Come prepared to walk in muddy rows if you wish to get close to the flowers. Allow yourself enough freedom of schedule to devote as much time as you wish to the viewing.

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Hollingsworth Peonies
PO Box 233
Maryville, MO 64468
Email: nursery@hpeonies.com


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