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We are Missouri peony growers and hybridizers who specialize in field production of bush peonies, herbaceous hybrids, Itoh hybrids, heirlooms, new varieties, species, as well as rare and hard to find sorts. We grow 1,000’s of different registered cultivars, specific epithets and species.

Our roots go back more than 50 years. With a plot of rented land and hard work, it was there that Don Hollingsworth’s love for plants transformed into a legacy built into decades worth of American hybridizing and growing some of the world’s finest peonies.

Until the 1990’s, Don owned and operated his business by selling plants at this Missouri residence, which later transpired into a growing online and print catalog mail order business. Throughout the years, the catalog featured many of the Missouri grower’s specialty peony varieties, which he introduced into production and registered with the International Cultivar Registration Authority.

Don and Lavon Hollingsworth

The big barn and peony fields at the original farm, 2012

With the same vision and passion for peonies, a new generation acquired Hollingsworth Peonies in 2012. The farm which still resides in NW Missouri, not far from the original homestead, features several 100’s of acres of rich, black prairie soil, irrigated fields and additional water resources for growing 100,000’s of peonies and carries on the Hollingsworth legacy.

By the late 2010’s, Hollingsworth Peonies developed a strong relationship with the Department of Natural resources and implemented soil erosion, water conservation and sustainable land stewardship methods. The peony hybridizing program advanced and the company established a formal relationship with USDA Plant Variety Protection and the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Hollingsworth Peonies currently owns numerous US Trademarks and Patents. The company joined the Missouri Grown Program and became a certified Missouri grower. As such our roots are grown right here in the Midwest and we never sell imported material.

The new generation Hollingsworth Peonies operator and grower.

In 2020, Hollingsworth Peonies acquired the Klehm’s Song Sparrow peony collection and further increased their commercial assortment as well as their advanced plant genetic pool. Hollingsworth Peonies uses the traditional crossing methods for its breeding program and retains a GMO-free plant assortment. Don Hollingsworth who is now well into his 90s is still hybridizing peonies and involved in the business in an emeritus capacity.

Panoramic View of our Farm
Panoramic View of our Farm

Peony fields, 2020

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